SCRYsoft Game Development Co-Investment Fund

The video game industry has rapidly grown over the past few years specifically in the indie games popularity. Talents have long been recognized for their supporting roles in the creation of multiple blockbuster titles with some developers and studios moving on independently to create some of the most successful indie games of the past few years.

Unfortunately, we see excellent ideas and valuable talents go to waste because of the roadblock of resources like time and money. The SCRYsoft Game Development Co-Investment Fund mission is aimed at supporting indie game developers in converting their ideas and concepts for games into reality.

We want to share a slice of $1,000,000USD amongst a pool of talented indie game developers along with professional support to help motivate and  grow the indie gaming.

How Can We Help

1.     Funding – The first and foremost problem most developers face is acquiring the capital to realize a project. With the Co-Investment Fund will solve this issue to get your project off the ground.

2.     Marketing – With our global outreach and the marketing know-how, SCRYsoft can promote and push your game’s popularity to ensure all your hard work is recognized.

3.     Game Production – With a team behind the scenes that have collaborated with other developers globally and locally for production, SCRYsoft can also provide insight into how to best present and frame your game.

4.     Game Publishing – With a plethora of titles already under our belt, we have the know-how for creating and publishing your game on multiple publishing platforms seamlessly.

5.     IP Rights – Being able to get IP and Publishing rights faster than an independent creator, we can guarantee the exclusivity and uniqueness of your IP and protect you or your studio from potential clashes with other IP’s that might already exist.

Eligibility Criteria

1.     The applicant can be from any part of the world and will need to register via our website when registration opens.

2.     The applicant is not the subject of a winding up order and has no on-going concern or major financial disputes. If the applicant has an ongoing concern issue (as reported in the latest audited account), the applicant must obtain an undertaking letter and/written statement by the company’s shareholder and/or director to financially undertake and liability to the company.

3.     Where the applicant has received grant / funds from any other agencies of parties for the same project applied here for SCRYsoft Game Fund the following criteria must be satisfied first:
(a) All such grants / funds have been fully utilized; and
(b) All projects thereunder have been completed i.e. all milestones have been delivered to the satisfaction of the provider of such funding as duly acknowledged and certified by the provider of such grants / funds
(c) The applicant must not have any form of publishing deal tied up with the provider of such grants / funds

4.     Where the applicant has received a grant from any other agencies or parties for past project(s), the applicant shall provide a success story, project portfolio and/or proven revenue generated from the project which was funded.

About the Fund

Matching Fund

A total worth of $1,000,000USD matching fund will be made available. Each project is capped at a maximum funding of $100,000USD (1 to 1 matching).

Video Games

Only Digital Games are accepted (PC, console, mobile). Both new ideas and in-development titles are acceptable. Existing released games that are looking to be ported over to other platforms are also welcomed.

Project Completion

The project submitted for application must be completed within ONE to TWO years.

Publishing Rights

In return for funding support, PLAY Interactive will acquire the worldwide publishing rights to the project.

Documents Required

Eligibility Checklist

SSM Report

Latest Audited Report*

Letter of Undertaking

Pitching Deck

*From 2022 onwards

How to Submit?

Please send in an email to [email protected] along with the required submission documents
(Kindly mention PGDCF Application and Your Company Name in the email header)

*The submission deadline will be on 30th November 2023.

For any enquiries, you may also send an email to [email protected]