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The new third person action shooter from Housemarque has been confirmed for a 19 March 2021 release date during the recent The Game Awards 2020. Housemaque has been wildly recognized for their excellent works on arcade genre such as Resogun and Alienation.

Following a crash-landing on a hostile alien planet, Selene find herself trapped in an endless loop of resurrection while fighting her way off for an escape. With every new cycle, the planet changes along with your item at disposal. No fight is ever the same and you will have to think of new strategy for each new rebirth.

  • Intense Combat – Fight to survive in this third-person roguelike shooter. Take on ruthless enemies in explosive, bullet hell-fueled combat.
  • Thrilling Exploration – Manage equipment and resources carefully – every time you die, you restart from the beginning. Scavenge alien tech for upgrades to enhance your abilities in future cycles.
  • Haunting Narrative – Piece together fragments of Selene’s memories as she seeks out answers. Forge a personal connection with the planet as you explore its constantly evolving and decaying terrain.